A silent Krish cleric


Race: Krish
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Class: Cleric
Deity: Creatorian/Secrets
Height: 6’ 7"
Build: Muscular
Gender: Male
Hair: None
Eye Color: Blue
Vision: Normal
Trait: Small flight
Language: Common, KSL (Krish Sign Language)

STR: 15
INT: 15
WIS: 21
DEX: 14
CON: 16
CHR: 15

Saving Throws
Death/Poison: 9
Wands/Staffs: 13
Petri/Poly: 12
Dragonsbreath: 15
Spells: 14

Level: Spell name, Cost
1: Cure Light Wounds 1.5
1: Detect Magic 1.0
1: Command 1.5
2: Barkskin 2.0
2: Hold Person 2.5
2: Spiritual Weapon 2.5
3: Prayer 3.0

Abilities (Whimsey)
Consecrate Structure (1/yr)
Susceptible to Curses
Fear of Whimsey Button

Other Notes
Can easily depict Oak trees


Clutch mates:


A member of the Church of the Creator, and recently (after obtaining an ability to hear secrets, whispered to him), became a participant of the Temple of Secrets. This caused a lot of confusion, both in himself and his personal goals. While trying to figure out where his beliefs should lie, during one of his many adventures, Zatara was brought to a place that was encouraged by that of the God of Secrets. Feeling that this should help answer his questions, Zatara ventured forth. Zatara was unsure of himself and what to believe in. During the adventurous run, the God of Secrets blessed Zatara’s entire party with freshness. Healing everyone to full and restoring their karma/manna (respectively), except for Zatara. Feeling abandoned by the God that should have embraced him, Zatara has found his true calling. Leaving the Temple of Secrets, Zatara has decided to focus on being the best cleric that he can be and devoting himself fully to the Church of the Creator. Considering the Temple of Secrets to be a poor choice he made during a desperate time in his life, Zatara wants to forget the decision that he made. Knowing full well that questioning his beliefs may have caused his new friends their very lives, Zatara feels guilty that he ever doubted his belief in his God. As much as he wishes to forget, he knows that he must carry this as a reminder, so that hopefully, it will never happen again. Forever keeping the short lived experience at the Temple of Secrets, a secret itself.

It has recently become known that Zatara was a member of the Temple of Secrets, it is not something he will discuss. Simply stating, “it was a mistake, I’m sorry,” this is the most that has even been admitted by Zatara.


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