Death's Killers

March 24

Fate bestowed graces upon each of the party, each in their own style and sent them to face down the mortal killers of the incarnation of Death.

Life's Well-Spring

Following Astoria to the Force of Nature’s Well-Spring – they found that something was indeed very very wrong. Disease, scabs, fever and odd creatures wracked the well. They saved Astoria’s pals, and carefully set about putting things right.
The journey down the Well-Spring was hard, and at the bottom – they found a huge obsidian shard that punctured the Well-Spring. There was something else at the bottom – covered and ominous. There were scraps of ‘poetry’ that shone through the obsidian: Bow and crown, Come and See, and Seven seals.
The final reveal – the white horse of Pestilence – the first horseman of the Apocalypse. They could not burn it, and finally cut it from the womb of Life and set it no-where.

Little Life Well-spring

Jag and Tegan burst into the Adventurer’s Inn with strange leaf monsters on their heels. Turns out a small Well-Spring has suddenly manifested in Thark. The party investigated, and found a thief girl at the bottom of the well. They rescued her, and she insists that there is trouble at Life’s Well-Spring, and her adventuring pals are trapped there, and well; something needs to be done.

Chicken Shack

While getting ready to go home from Bordine’s mannerhouse, a shack on legs came to the end of the property. In it’s wake were followers, and of course – trouble. A legacy looking for it’s heir. Billie-Child proved to be chosen, and needed adult adventurers to help him walk the dangerous path to the center of the house.

Dunmeyer Deaths

Jan 13, 2013
6th Age, 79.01.30 Spring

The party was sent to the Dunmeyer swamp by the town’s alchemist Lymrick in order to harvest some materials that grow in the Spring. As they arrived, they found a manor house perched at the edge of the swamp, cultivating the plants that grow there. They were invited in by the slaves toiling in the fields – up to see the Master, Bordine.

Dinner was an interesting affair, tales of the adventurer’s past were told, Bordine admitted he was a vampire, and over the last month – 10 of his slaves had been killed. All the killings seem to happen during the sunlight hours, and the creature of the night can find nothing. His house-woman is worn thin, and exhausted. The vampire asks for aid.

After looking around the house, the grounds, and talking to the slaves (some of whom are happy, and some of whom are not) – they find a path into the swamp (naturally) – there they find monsters and more body parts. The raft is one this side of the lake, meaning the trouble is at the mannor-house. They return there and find the house-woman was the twin sister of the first lady killed (who had been turned into a vampire years ago). When, they go looking to talk to her, and find her missing.

They retrace their steps into the swamp and find she is using an old beaver lodge in the swamp to bring slaves – feeding them bite by bite, part by part to a summoned creature that she had originally only intended to kill her sister. Turns out the thing will not leave without killing the summoner – but can be put off for a day with a pound of living flesh.

A huge fight occurred (naturally), and they managed to put off the pound of flesh until sunset. Now, the creature turned on it’s summoner. Zatara threw the woman into his No-Where room and the creature paused in confusion. Bordine arrived, and the situation was explained to him. The slave girl who was on the creature’s menu for the last fed days was questioned – and confirmed what the characters had discovered. In sorrow, he left the party to return the house-woman and let the summoned creature finish.

Everyone returned to the shocked and grieving manor house.


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