Thark is where the characters all live.

If you tilted DarkFawn on it’s side, anything that wasn’t screwed on tight rolled on down to Thark.

If you look under the Maps tag, there is the town there.
Home of the Magic University.
The Gateway to Adventure is here – also known as the Swabashian Arch
A smattering of temples are up in the north of the town.
Archtheon lives in the lake.
The Adventurer’s Inn is the main tavern where you can stop, have a drink, and perhaps find an adventure to keep your skills honed.

A lawful Town. The laws are seen to by a council of Townsfolk – usually business man and mages. As the town is there for the University, it is generally assumed that what the mages need tends to done.
A nice place filled with many races.


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