Old retired dwarven blacksmith turned berserker looking to go out in a blaze of glory.


Short and built like a keg in typical dwarven fashion. Flame red hair and a great braided beard that would make any dwarf proud.


Gullen is an old dwarven blacksmith originally from the Stonehorn Clan of Thunderstone. He left home long long ago and spent the last 150 years or so traveling around, only staying in a town for 10 years at most. Most recently he was living in Target and actually stayed there longer than normal, almost 15 years. He was really starting to feel his age to he decided to accept an offer from a merchant friend of his and run his trade routes with him.
It turns out, being a merchant is really really boring. Just as he was reaching his boredom breaking point he hit what only he would call a bit of luck. Bandits attacked. As a veteran of more bar fights than he can count, ok so he can’t count very high but more than you could count, he just listened to his instincts, grabbed and axe, and went in swinging. The fight was the greatest experience he had had in decades and he decided then and there to become an adventurer.


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