A deformed Krish thief with a chip on his shoulder


A tall grumpy looking black Krish. Only has one thumb on his right had rather than the normal two.


Heims is a Krish with a chip on his shoulder. He was born deformed. He has only 1 thumb on his right hand. Thanks to this defect he had a rather unhappy childhood. Not only does he feel like an outcast from normal society for being a Krish, he also feels like an outcast from the Krish because of his hand. The years of being called a half breed and the human Krish left him rather angry.
Given this chip on his shoulder he has come to Thark for opportunities to kill people. As an adventurer he figures he can train himself in the art of killing. His real goals are to work his way into the criminal underground and find work as an assassin. As much as he enjoys killing of course he is smart enough to keep quiet and out of town.


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