A tiny duckweed girl out to make friends with the world and give it water. Cleric of Water.


A short slim duckweed plant girl. Has two large leaves on her head that fall down like two giant floppy ears.


Skadi is a duckweed plant girl with a fairly mysterious past. No one has any clue how old she is and she doesn’t bother to keep track of that kind of thing. The farthest her story goes back as far as any one knows is she meet a wandering trader next to a mountain lake where she had happened to be living. She decided to travel with him because he was a new friend and ended up nearly dying on the trip to a small oasis town. She spent the next 20 years or so living there as it was the only water around. That was where she first learned about religion and the Water Goddess.
Now being Duckweed and finding water to be just about the greatest thing ever Skadi got super excited at the thought of a Water Goddess. Eventually a cleric of the Elements came passing through the little Oasis town and she took it as a sign and gathered up as much water as she could carry and left to cross the desert with the cleric. She joined the church and is super excited to spread the word of Water and make all sorts of new friends. She recently landed in Thark and thinks that adventuring sounds like a most excellent job and a great way to travel and try all the waters of the world.
Even despite her time living among people in the little oasis town she still has very little concept of the customs of the world. She barely understands property, thinks everyone is a new friend and zones out for long periods of time on sunny days. She also randomly talks about events from ages long ago like she was there, but when asked if she was actually there she always says she doesn’t know.


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