Telbro Greenway

A feisty Hobbit fighter and new Dragonrider, Telbro believes in fighting 'for the little guy'!


St. 15 Current HP 113
Int. 11 Current AC 25
Wis. 16
Dex. 15
Con. 18
Char. 11
Lvl. 9 Fighter
Rider of dragon Paprika, son of Spice. Paprika has red fire breath, and can teleport.

Telbro fights with both swords and maces, whichever works better in the situation. He specializes in both.


Telbro is 1st born of his family, and has always had a keen sense of honor. He believes that justice should be for all folk, not just the biggest or richest.
He has red curly hair and bright blue eyes. He is a worshiper of Swabash, God of Adventure.
He Impressed the dragon from the smallest egg of Spice’s clutch, Paprika, and together they seek adventure.

Telbro Greenway

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